A mountain retreat for Darth Vader.
Designed to be a fun exercise in 3D modelling, interior & exterior design and visualization with UE5.
High quality images on request.

The building was designed to have a dangerous yet elegant facade, which resembles the mask of Darth Vader, giving it’s name to the villa.
The black concrete walls together with the perfabricated and burned wooden structural elements, should create a high contrast in color to the white snow around it.

The inside space is designed around the spatious living room on the top floor, which includes a kitchen and a dining area as well as a movable glasfront, connecting it to the outside terrace.
Aesthetically the goal was to be able to shoot the next James Bond movie here.

On the first floor the more calmer spaces including 3 bedrooms are located. The Groundfloor contains a garage for two cars or snowmobiles.

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