Client Product Year & collaboration
Design Academy Eindhoven Oxygen bracelett 2019 / Mentor: Vic Cautereels

Bracelett containing spare oxygen for extreme situations in big wave surfing.

User Interaction
In critical Situations the biggest demand to the product is intuitive interaction.

Looking at the possible movements of the body the most intuitive action appeared to be having the oxygen fixed on your rist.
Position valve
On the bottom:
+ better protection
- hitting the nose
On the top:
+ more intuitive

Tactile feedback
Eyes are closed under the water which brings in the necessity to communicate the postion via tactility.
The valve can not stick out due to possible injuries.
Solution: Using hard material for the top of the valve and very soft for the surrounding.

Interaction valve
Danger of breathing all the air at once
Solution: One bite opens only one aircontainer

A big amount of the time the products we have are not in use.
This shockresistant package is keeping the lifesaver protected during non-action times.

Which form makes the user trust technology?

A person in panic will use up to twice as much oxygen under water. With this device you are more likely to keep calm while saving energy under water.

- If trust into the product is archieved, it works without being activated. -

More trust - less acceptance
After some rough physical calculations of how big the bracelett had to be I had to size it up to make it look and feel more trustworthy. As the first prototype then looked like an electronic ankle tag, some curves have been added to give it a more dynamic look.

Users encountering a new product are eager to learn about how the inner parts of the products work. To communicate the inner mechanisms a semi transparent material was chosen for the shell and the three aircontainer are painted in bright signal colors.

Medical Function:
Pure Oxygen is toxic as it creates Radical oxygen particles in the blood. Although three breaths are not harmful.

Variables Given:

Compression = 20 BAR
oxygen level = 99%
normal oxygen level in air ? 20%

Volume of a Breath:
during physical activities = 1,0l - 1,5l
Oxygen in a heavy breath:
1,5l * 20% = 0,3l

Volume Compressed:
0,3l * 20 bar = 15cm3

In the series: "What drives you?", I wanna capture the passion of friends. The goal is to start a conversation about what is really important to us. Following is a pretty accurate representation of my own mindset.

Client Product Year & collaboration
On-Running, Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste Video, Text, Music, Voice 2020 / Mentors: Samuel Weidmann, Markus Kaech / Music & Voice: Cedric Ziegler / Runner: Marco Ponts / Text, Video & Edit: Valentin Ruoss

Advertisment proposal for ON-Running

Looking at the communication products of ON, I realized that they are all focused on the shoe itself, explaining their innovative technology. For sure its a genius strategy to enter a very competitive market and setting themself apart from other brands. And yes, the sole is really helping people to be more comfortable with running. But as ON will develop and is already selling more then just shoes, I wanted to create a more athlete centered advertisment.

Fact is that society becomes more lazy and buying new shoes that are beeing forgotten in a corner is not helping. Transformation starts in peoples mind.

Therefore I see a good sportsbrand selling motivation in the first place, and as a second the gear to do sports.

The whole series is here.

Client Product Year & collaboration
Mermaid's Textilpflege und SB-Waescherei Muenchen Website, type, icons, store window 2014-2020

Rebrand of MERMAID'S Sb-Waescherei und Textilpflege, including a custom typeface, icons and a website.

The core of the rebrand was the website. It was very decorative and inefficient, so everything had to be cleaned up. Pictures were replaced by pictograms etc..
A challange was to inform about the two sides of the business within one location - drycleaning and laundry. It was a desaster before, as people called one person instead of calling the other. I put the informations instead of a common site into different subsides. The user has to first select in which location he or she is interested - then in which business and only then the information appears.

The old Logotype was very much representing the Identity of the Business. The only problem: it was not very readable for the customer. Therefore my task was to make it functional without loosing what the logotype is standing for: the squarisch bold washingmachines standing like boxes in a row and the water giving motion to the letters.
I went all the way doing the whole alphabet!

Client Product Year & collaboration
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Screens, Video, Logo 2019, Mentors: Thomas Wolfram, Claudio Gasser Students: Flavia Sax, Julia Herzog, Helena Appenzeller, Valentin Ruoß

How will the SBB-Identity look like in 2030?

We assumed that the interaction with the brand will follow through a simple rotation of the wrist: it will allow the user to decide on several options available throughout the travel.

Having this as our starting point, we imagined how the SBB will look like, creating a logo, AR-Navigation and the transportation itself.

Client Product Year & collaboration
Design Academy Eindhoven Tent 2019

Born 1998 in Munich with a Russian background.

Currently in Munich (corona-time), studying at Design Academy Eindhoven and doing an exchange at Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste.

He is always looking for projects that will push his limits.
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