What drives you?

will catch the fish.

likes waking up early to train & gain.

Advertisment proposal for ON-Running

Looking at the communication products of ON, I realized that they are all focused on the shoe itself, explaining their innovative technology. For sure its a genius strategy to enter a very competitive market and setting themself apart from other brands. And yes, the sole is really helping people to be more comfortable with running. But as ON will develop and is already selling more then just shoes, I wanted to create a more athlete centered advertisment.

Fact is that society becomes more lazy and buying new shoes that are beeing forgotten in a corner is not helping. Transformation starts in people's minds.

Therefore, I see a good sportsbrand selling motivation in the first place, and as a second the gear to do sports.

In collaboration with Cedric Ziegler (Music)

likes creating beautiful things.

likes cleaning clothes.

likes his Benz.

likes sex.

Of course I couldn't put pictures of all people who like sex.
Go to a pornsite, dirty bastard.

Shot in collaboration with Sina

likes skating.

likes photoshoots with me?

likes attention.

Shot in collaboration with Lorenz Litzinger

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picture by Lorenz Litzinger

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